Wholesale Christmas Trees

Wholesale Wreaths and Garland

Let Holiday Trees fill your requirements for wholesale wreaths & garland this Christmas holiday season. Our double-faced wreaths are perfect for your windows and doors, where they can be viewed beautifully from both sides, without seeing the frames typically seen on single face wreaths.

wholesale christmas wreaths

Our Fraser Fir, Pine & Boxwood wreaths come in a variety of sizes. Typically though, the best sizes for a single door are the 20-24 inch and the 24-28 inch -- being the favorite. Regardless of the size you choose, we are sure that you will love these beautiful hand-made wreaths.

Wreath Ring Size Bundle Size Outside Dia
10" 6 16"-20"
14" 6 20"-24"
18" 3 24"-28"
24" 3 30"-36"
30" 2 36"-42"
36" 2 42"-48"
48" 1 54"-60"



wholesale christmas garland

Our Fraser Fir and Pine Roping come in a variety of lengths and are perfect for adding decorative accents to fireplace mantles, tables, and stair case railings.

Garland / Roping Type Length
White Pine Roping 75'
White Pine Roping 50'
White Pine Roping 25'
Fraser Fir Roping 75'
Fraser Fir Roping 50'
Fraser Fir Roping 25'



wholesale christmas swags

Our door swags come in two different sizes and are becoming as popular as our hand made wreaths. We have included a picture to show you how you can decorate the swag and adorn your favorite door.

Swag Type Size
Fraser Fir Decorated Swags 28"-30"
Fraser Fir Undecorated Swags 28"-30"
Fraser Fir Undecorated Swags 18"-20"



Call us today to discuss your needs, and we'll be happy to provide you with price quotes. It's our Number One job to make you happy, so you can make your own customers happy. Since they'll be coming back to you again next year, we know we'll be seeing you again next year, too!


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